女性肠易激综合征患者核磁共振脑功能成像研究初探 预览 被引量:1

Prelimnary invstigatin of functional magnetic resonance imaging in female IBS patients
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摘要 目的通过核磁共振脑功能成像观察女性肠易激综合征患者(irritablebowelsyndrome,IBS)及正常人在直肠刺激时脑内活动区表现的差异,探究肠易激综合征的发病机制。方法根据综合性医院焦虑抑郁量表对2013年6月~2014年9月间20例女性IBS患者进行精神心理评估并分组,同时将入选的20例女性IBS患者和9例健康对照组分别应用血氧水平依赖性功能性磁共振成像技术,给予直肠气囊扩张刺激试验,记录脑内激活情况。结果在直肠刺激为40mL时,正常组激活的脑数点为4个,IBS焦虑组为2个,IBS非焦虑组为10个;在直肠刺激为80mL时,正常组激活的脑数点为3个,IBS焦虑组为22个,IBS非焦虑组无有效激活;在直肠刺激为120mL时,正常组无有效激活.IBS焦虑组为2个,IBS非焦虑组为2个。故IBS组及正常组脑内激活情况与给予的刺激强度并不成正比,但焦虑IBS组在给予80mL、120mL刺激时脑内激活情况明显强于对照组及非焦虑组。结论核磁共振脑功能成像可以客观记录IBS患者在接受刺激时脑内的激活变化情况。其结果与心理测试基本同步,焦虑/抑郁的IBS患者可能在接受心理治疗后可获得更大的收益。 Objective To study the brain activity zone of the woman with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and normal controls by functional magnetic resonance imaging and explore the pathogenesis of irritable bowel syndrome. Methods 20 female IBS patients from Jun 2013 and Sep 2014 were recruited for this study. The IBS patients were accepted psy- chological assessments and classify according to the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS). While enrolled 20 female IBS patients and 9 healthy controls were applied blood oxygen level-dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging(f-MRI), giving rectal balloon distention test, recorded brain activation. Results When rectal irritation as 40 mL, normal activation of brain several points to d, |BS anxiety group point 2, IBS non-anxiety group point 10; when rectal irritation as 80 mL, normal activation of brain several points 3, IBS anxiety group point 22, IBS non-anxiety group without a valid activation; when the rectal irritation to 120 mL, normal group without a valid activation, IBS anxiety group point 2, IBS without anxiety group point 2. Therefore IBS group and normal brain activation and stimulation in- tensity given not proportional, but anxiety IBS group given 80 mL, 120 mL stimulus when the brain activation was sig- nificantly stronger than in the control group and non-anxiety group. Conclusion The brain activation changes of the IBS patients could be recorded objectively by the fMRI and consistent with the psychological tests. IBS patients with anxiety or depression may obtain greater benefit when they received psychological treatment.
作者 沈晓伶 宋毓飞 张谢 王丹萍 黄志刚 SHEN Xiaoling SONG Yufei ZHANG Xie WANG Danpin HUANG Zhigang( 1.Department of Digestion,Ningbo Medical Treatment Center Lihuili Hospital,Ning bo 315040,China;2.The First Peo- ple's Hospital of Xiaoshan District,Hangzhou 311200,China;3.Department of Digestion,Oriental Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University,Shanghai 200120,China)
出处 《中国现代医生》 2016年第16期96-100,共5页
基金 浙江省宁波市社发项目(2011C50069)
关键词 肠易激综合征 核磁共振脑功能成像技术 焦虑抑郁量表 Irritable bowel syndrome Functional magnetic resonance imaging Hospital anxiety and depression scale
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